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Der Tropfen und seine Abenteuer

Our children’s book ‘The Drop and His Adventures’ will soon be in stores! At the moment we are trying out some of the Print-On-Demand serivces as we want to provide the best quality possible for you guys.

The story is about a little drop of water that travels trough the colours of the rainbow. Each colour stands for one or several aspects of our lives. During his adventures, the drop collects experience that manifest themselves in him and influence his life. As colours also influence our mood, our actions and our lives in general, this children’s book is also suitable as colour therapy and colour education for adults. All began with the idea to write and illustrate a story for children, but in the end we created a little piece of art for all age groups.

tropfen titel

You only have to wait a little longer to get a copy of our book. In the meantime you are welcome to like our page and also share our posts.

The Claren siblings

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M13 – a brown bear roaming the Alps

This project consists of a hand-drawn animated film about brown bears in Italy. The group project focuses on one particular bear called M13, who was known for roaming villages in South Tyrol and Switzerland. Sadly, M13 was shot dead shortly after completion of our work.

The research on bears was conducted together with the Forestry Authorities of Bolzano. They are also currently using our work to increase awareness of brown bears in the region.

In collaboration with Inga Brown and Ralf Sieber

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